Minutes from 30 July 2008

2008/07/30 CSEP meeting

Attendees: Yan, Jeremy, John, Masha

  1. Western-Pacific testing regions:
    • Got email from Anna Maria with status of Double Branching model:
      1. Outputs forecast in ForecastML format - uses open-source xml-fortran library

      2. Getting segfault when running on motion
      3. Masha asked for the command to build the binaries, and input catalog and expected forecast files to reproduce the forecast
  2. Software development:
    • Jeremy will have alarm-based testing Java code available for CSEP some time next week
    • Outstanding Trac tickets
      1. #98: Re-processing of the test date for one-day forecast group doesn't stage existing modifications catalogs
        • Does not affect cumulative results
        • Jeremy said that should not reprocess with fixed version, since mostly people are interested in cumulative results - not daily results that would display error boundaries based on modifications catalogs
      2. #93: CMT web site changed directory layout for final catalog data of year 2008
        • Side effect is extra disk usage
      3. #96: Cumulative R-test result plot should switch curves labels
      4. Jeremy reported R-test result display problem for some of the models. Will send example to John
    • Masha tagged repository with release candidate tags/Version_8_7_29

      1. Includes fixes to above Trac tickets
      2. Last night build didn't happen - SVN checkout was interrupted, configuration file wasn't available for the build. Will build tonight.
      3. Will test release candidate for one week on csep-cert machine
    • Batch re-processing of remaining test dates with Version 8.7.0 is complete except for three-month models
      1. Some of the EEPAS models have dependency on PPE models that are invoked implicitly - those PPE models would not be staged by reprocessing. Will re-process three-month group with new Version 8.7.1 release that has a fix for it.
  3. Hardware:
    • John will bring up batch server online. Will work with Masha to configure it:
      1. There is no need for the system right now
      2. Might use it for nightly builds while nightly builds are suspended on csep-cert while testing release candidate
      3. Should build CSEP binaries on the server
      4. Should mount forecast group directories - to be able to update/stage existing files for the group