Minutes from 25 August 2009

2009/08/25 CSEP Meeting

Attendees: Phil M., Jeremy Z., John Y., Masha L.

  1. csep-op:
    1. V9.7.0 release:
      • Re-processing of California's one-day and RELM forecasts groups due to the ANSS catalog fixes
        1. NFS server crashed August 13, 2009
        2. Hardware replacement is scheduled once re-processing is complete
  2. CSEP meeting at USC on September 24-25, 2009
  3. Software development:
    1. Alvaro Gonzalez submitted models for CSEP V9.10.0:
      • Two one-day alarm-based models for California: UNIFORM and NEAREST
      • Alvaro asked to submit UNIFORM model for testing in three-month and five-year forecasts groups
        1. Masha asked about start date for new 5-year forecast group
        2. Jeremy suggested to start alarm-based 5-year group from scratch
      • Phil recommended to ask for Alvaro's feedback on model submission proceedures
    2. Masha finished Python implementation of RELM evaluation tests
      • Had to upgrade SciPy (V0.7.0) and NumPy (V1.3.0) packages on csep-devel and csep-cert
  4. mini_CSEP distribution
    • Jeremy distributed requirements to modelers community of RELM experiment and Italian testing regon
      • Some scientists are interested in contributing to the CSEP
      • Jeremy asked to add James Holliday to the CSEP Skype meetings
        1. Masha added James
      • Based on some feedback, Masha suggested to distribute generic package instead of stripping it down to less functionality:
        1. Some scientists would like to run sequence of retrospective experiments - BatchProcessing and Dispatcher modules
        2. miniCSEP distribution would have the same dependencies as generic (SciPy, NumPy, GMT, matplotlib)
        3. Jeremy agreed to distribute generic package
      • Requirements:
        * convert a ForecastML forecast to MATLAB format
        * convert a MATLAB forecast to ForecastML format
        * generate a plot of the spatial distribution of the forecast (i.e.,
        map-view of the forecast)
        * generate a plot of the magnitude distribution of the forecast (i.e.,
        magnitude versus normalized probability--I have attached an example )
        * execute an L-test (including appropriate plot)
        * execute an M-test (including appropriate plot)
        * execute an N-test (including appropriate plot)
        * execute an R-test (including appropriate plot)
        * execute an S-test (including appropriate plot)
        * Optional: declustering
    • We should provide list of external package dependencies and links to these package
    • Masha will spend time on getting generic package to conform with mini-CSEP requirements
    • Targeted for CSEP V9.10.0
  5. SCEC Annual Meeting:
    1. Masha submitted CSEP software/system abstract
    2. Jeremy submitted CSEP science abstract
    3. Danijel asked Masha to give a short talk about testing center implenentation on Sunday during "Source Inversion Validation" workshop
  6. CSEP proposal:
    • Jeremy mentioned that Danijel and Dave Jackson are working on proposal
  7. John asked about web representation for EU Testing Center
    • Phil suggested to discuss proposal for solution next week at CSEP meeting
  8. Phil mentioned that Masha will spend about 4 hours per week working on EEW
  9. Hardware:
    1. csep-cert
      • CSEPWebTest.py is not part of nightly build - some issues connecting to the web server
        1. John will look at the problem